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Length from 9~15mm, black colour, Single length and Mix trays
 J-Curl 0.20 Mink Tray Lash
Individual Eyelash Extensions in black colour, Mix trays
 J-Curl 0.15 Miss Wink Me Mink Tray Lash
Mink tray eyelash extensions:
J- Curl 0.25 Mink Tray Lash
Miss Wink Me (MWM) Single length tray  - £7.65
B-Curl 0.20 Mink Tray Lash
Pre-lined individual eyelashes in trays are soft and glossy, very similar to real mink hair. Diamond Silk lashes and our own Miss Wink Me lashes are made from synthetic silk.
B-Curl 0.25 Silk Tray Lash
Single length Trays MWM Silk (Miss Wink Me) - £7.65
C-Curl 0.15 Tray Lash