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B-lash is ideal to use for training, this lash is 2nd grade and lower quality than our other lashes. However, if you are running training course this can be something that you are looking for. These lashes made from very high grade fibre but have slight different curl various from J to B.
1g Lash Black B-curl in 2nd grade qality
Disposable Micro-applicators for semi permanent eyelash extension application, touch up and debonding lash extensions.
Disposable Micro Applicator Brush / Swabs
Miss Wink Me trays (MWM) single length / 12 lines - £7.65 (our own brand lashes)
C- Curl 0.07 Mink Tray Lash
Disposable Glue Rings can feet any size, they are easy to clean with adhesive remover and can be used with pigments for tattoo.
White Glue Ring - Adhesive Holder - Eyelash Extensions Procedure
Transpore Tape - less flexible than surgical tape, used for covering the lower lashes during the Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions treatment (if you are not using eye gel patches).
Transpore Tape 1 in (25mm) for Eyelash Extensions procedure
Eyelash Extension Glue Odor Neutralizer absorbs harmful substances like formaldehyde and other VOCs
Excellent Glue Odor Neutralizer for eyelash extensions procedure