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Green colour eyelash extensions, 0.25g in the jar.
Green Lash Extensions (0.25g)
Burgundy colour eyelash extensions
Burgundy Lash Extensions (0.25g)
Purple extensions are perfect lash for after-dark drama. Purple extensions are perfect lash for after-dark drama. Hand-made eyelash extensions in purple will make an impact on one and all. Packaging in plastic bag, jar is not included.
Purple Colour Lash (0.25g)
Electric blue eyelash extensions are perfect for vavid day look as well as for parties.
Blue Lash Extensions (0.25g)
Dark brown eyelash extensions are perfect for clients with very pale skin and blond hair. Brown lash will give a vivid day look, just like Lancome brown mascara.
Dark Brown Lash, Individual Eyelash Extensions, 0.25g
B-lash is ideal to use for training, this lash is 2nd grade and lower quality than our other lashes. However, if you are running training course this can be something that you are looking for. These lashes made from very high grade fibre but have slight different curl various from J to B.
1g Lash Black B-curl in 2nd grade qality